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Leadership and Staff

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Western Region

Dr. Richard Foster, CCAP President
Business: Gateway Rehabilitation Center
Title: Executive Vice President, Treatment Programs
Email: Rfoster@cca-pa.org

James Wright, CCAP Conference Chair
Business: PA Board of Probation and Parole
Title: Parole Supervisor
Email: Jwright@cca-pa.org

Larry Ludwig
Business: PA Board of Probation and Parole
Title: District Director
Email: Lludwig@cca-pa.org

Lester Custer
Business: Somerset County
Title: Adult Probation Supervisor
Email: Lcuster@cca-pa.org

Marcia Combine
Business: Department of Corrections
Title: Region 3 director, Bureau of Community Corrections
Email: Mcombine@cca-pa.org

Melissa Weglarz
Business: MinSec
Title: Vice President of Treatment Services
Email: Mweglarz@cca-pa.org

Sean Dolan
Business: Somerset County Adult Probation
Title: Retired
Email: Sdolan@cca-pa.org

Eastern Region

Terry Davis, CCAP Vice President
Business:Keystone Correctional Services, Inc.
Title: President
Email: Tdavis@cca-pa.org

Omar Wilson, CCAP Secretary
Business: Connections Training Service
Title: Vice President
Email: Owilson@cca-pa.org

Bethany Gardner, CCAP Treasurer
Business: Department of Corrections
Title: Administrative Services Manager, BBC
Email: Bgardner@cca-pa.org

Gregory Smith
Business: Transitional Living Centers
Title: Executive Director
Email: Gsmith@cca-pa.org

Matt Miller
Business: Dauphin County
Title: Director, Work Release enter
Email: Mmiller@cca-pa.org

Traci Jacobson
Business: Department of Corrections
Title: Region 2 Director, Bureau of Community Corrections
Email: Tjacobson@cca-pa.org

Member At Large
Status: Vacancy