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Welcome To Community Corrections Association of Pennsylvania

The Community Corrections Association of Pennsylvania, CCAP, as we are called, welcomes you to our website. We were formed to exchange ideas that would ultimately help build a better community, and this legacy continues to the present day. Our Board of Directors and members are spread throughout the Commonwealth. Our strategic partners help to insure we have access to timely and relevant information that can be shared with our members, helping them to make well informed decisions.

About Us

CCAP is a member organization open to anyone in the Commonwealth who is employed by a Work Release Program, Pre-Release Program, Halfway House, or associated with a Program related to Adult Corrections. We are an Affiliate Member of the International Community of Corrections Association (ICCA).

Our Purpose

CCAP was formed in 1982 by a group of County Work Release Directors in Southeastern Pennsylvania to exchange ideas and information regarding the administration of Work Release Programs. Since then, the CCAP has expanded and is presently a network or persons and agencies involved with Community Corrections throughout the Commonwealth.

Through its membership in the International Community Corrections Association (ICCA) as an Affiliate Member, the CCAP is able to provide the latest information and research in the field of Comminity Corrections to its members. Through its mailing list, which is available to all members, contact persons are given for all community release programs in the state.